Sync your Workpop Jobs to Facebook

If you are the Workpop account owner and an administrator on your company's Facebook Business Page, you can sync your Workpop Jobs to Facebook to increase your candidate engagement. Any changes to Workpop jobs will be reflected on Facebook, and applicants who apply to Workpop jobs directly on Facebook will show up in the list of applicants on Workpop. 

You can read more about Facebook Jobs here or see who else is hiring on Facebook here.

To get started, from your Home Dashboard:

  1. Click on the Company Icon
  2. Select Facebook Jobs
  3. Click "Get Started"


This will open a new window where you will be asked to authorize Workpop to view the Business Pages for which you have Administrator rights. Select your company's business page to allow Workpop to sync your jobs to Facebook.


You must be a global administrator on Workpop to in order to sync your jobs to Facebook. 

You must have administrator permissions on your company's Facebook page to be able to sync your jobs.

This will further reduce your time in posting jobs in multiple places, give your jobs a wider audience, and allow you to manage your candidates on Workpop, no matter where they found your job. 


How Do Candidates Apply Through Facebook?

Facebook jobs live on your Company Facebook page, but not in the same way that your regular posts or promoted content does. There is a separate tab for your jobs published that you will find in the left hand menu.


Facebook users who are active on Facebook Jobs will be able to find your job post in a search, or, if they are near your location, they will get an alert that you have open jobs! You can also boost your job post on Facebook, similar to promoting your regular posts on Facebook.


When a candidate applies to your job on Facebook, their work information from their Facebook page will be used to create an application. 



Applications that come through Facebook will look sparse compared to native Workpop applications, because they do not have the option at first to add details about their work history. Don't let that stop you from reach out to a candidate that interests you! You can always ask them to send you more details by sending them a Workpop message.


Facebook Job Sync Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble with syncing your jobs to your company's Facebook Business Page, there are a few things that you can check to find a solution:

  1. Are you an administrator on your Company's Facebook Business page? If you are not an administrator, you will not be able to sync your Workpop Jobs to Facebook. You can request administrator rights from your Company's Facebook administrator. 
  2. If your images are too small, it's possible for Facebook to reject the post. Make sure that your images are appropriately sized so that they aren't fuzzy or blocky. Facebook can reject the ad if the images are too small or of poor quality. 
  3. You can force a sync of your jobs by going in to "Edit" the job on Workpop, and then clicking "Save." You don't have to make any changes to your job, this process just forces a repost to Facebook. 

If you are still experiencing problems, we're happy to help! Please contact